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At Tomorrows' People we are dedicated to enhancing Educators professional practice and knowledge, that they can apply practically in their role. In addition we nurture the holistic development and broader humanity focused experiences of children and young people. Our ambition is to reinstate a heart centred, sovereign and organic approach back into early childhood teaching and education as a whole. Supporting educators and parents alike in their choices for balanced and holistic education. We work from the premise of being in service to others in the work that we do. Contact us for a tailored program. Face to face workshops and live webinars for groups incur additional fees, please contact us for a quote. 

News Update: Please note that the Nationally Recognised accredited child protection unit CHCPRT001 is changing to a new code CHCPRT025. This new code comes into full effect by mid December 2023.

The new training package (CHCPRT025) will be the training unit that must be offered by all RTO's from December 2023 onwards, it has a few small new additions in the performance criteria (what has to be taught within the unit), a new unit code, but no major changes to the essential and overall content. 
See below for what this means for Educators.

Some RTO's have moved over to the new code already due to the fact that they also provide the Certificate III and the Diploma courses, so they have needed to switch over early so that there is time for students to get through the rest of the full courses which also have new codes and new units. If you are completing an old coded Certificate III (CHC30113) or Diploma (CHC50113) this year, you will need to have it completed by the end of 2023 or complete Gap units to transfer over to the new unit codes for your qualification. Your educational institution is the best place for advice for current Certificate III Or Diploma students.

Our RTO partner and us here at Tomorrow's People will continue to provide the current stand alone unit code CHCPRT001 for now. Please note that during the transition period (December 2022 - December 2023) the CHCPRT001 code remains current.

Does the new code affect the currency of your CHCPRT001 qualification? 
NO. Your CHCPRT001 remains current and valid even after the transition period. It is recommended that educators should upgrade their full Child Protection qualification every 2-5 (5 at maximum) years due to changes that occur in legislation and National Quality Standards.

Our recommendation with the new code change for this unit is to upgrade to the CHCPRT025 within two years, by end of 2025 depending on your previous CHCPRT001 completion date.

A non-accredited refresher can be completed annually or bi-annually in-between full qualification upgrades to remain current, as recommended by ACECQA. 

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