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Tomorrow's People Education Fee Terms & Conditions. 


* We are more than happy to provide a two to three part payment plan for CHCPRT025 and Food Safety Supervisor courses, over your study period (within a 6 week timeframe) for anyone facing financial difficulties. Please do not hesitate to ask.

Fees are required to be paid upon enrollment, once payment is made there is a non-refundable and non-transferrable administration fee of $50pp if the student/candidate withdraws after part or full assessment task submission or fails to submit all tasks within 6 months of the enrollment date.

GST & Fees:

Please note that Accredited courses such as the CHCPRT025 and Food Safety Supervisor are GST free. All other courses are GST inclusive.

When enrolling in a course with us it is implied that you have read, understood and agree with the following Terms and Conditions of course enrollment with Tomorrow's People Education Pty Ltd.  

Registration and enrollments:

Enrollment in an Accredited course; The course is valid for 6 months from the time of enrollment.

RTO Partnership/MOU: 

For the CHCPRT025 and Food Safety Supervisor unit, we have a partnership with a registered RTO for these courses. We provide all documentation, training, content and marking of your assessment and our partner RTO generates your certificate once deemed competent. We send out certificates via digital and hard copy.

For live webinars and onsite workshops;

The fee is required to be paid in full 72 hours prior to the allocated workshop date. Cancellations within 36 hours of the allocated workshop or live webinar incur a $133 non-refundable fee. 

Course development, administration and third party costs are factored into our partial non-refundable administration fee policy.

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